1875-P BF-1

Obverse 1

The right side of the 1 in the date is right of the shield point.

Right date

There are some die file marks just to the right of the shield, and a small die line about halfway down the space between the 2nd and 3rd stripes on the shield.

Later die states will show curved lines from when the die was re-polished for striking additional proofs (photo below).

Later state die polish lines

In still later die states, some minor cracks appear within the denticles below the date.

Date Position: M 3.5, 0.55 mm

Reverse A
There are two die markers on the reverse, located by the arrows below. See the two additional detailed close-up photos below.

One die line runs diagonal down and to the right, just left of the eagle’s tail feathers (photo below).

The other is a line underneath the eagle’s left (right facing) wing, to the right of its tail feathers (photo below). This line can be difficult to see in low-grade examples.

Comments: This is the only use of this obverse die, and the second and final use of this reverse die.

Scarcity: This die marriage represents the vast majority of both circulation and proof coins known. Rarity rating: R-1.

1875-P BF-1 - Obverse 1

1875-P BF-1 - Reverse A

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